The breakfast

We have guests of various nationalities, and our breakfast menu is sometimes a problem. Different nationalities have different breakfast request.  It is simply not possible to fulfill all nationalities tastes and choices for breakfast. 


Some guests have suggested that we serve buffet. We would like to do that, but our hotel is too small for that and it would be ending up with a lots of wasted food and with that an increase in room rates. When we stay at an accommodation at this size we avoid breakfast buffet as here is a good chance for food poisoning (hot environment – what not consumed today you will properly see next day. Not for us!). Then we prefer fresh cocked food even the choice is limited. If you are looking forward to a big nice breakfast buffet, you should choose one of the big hotels as Hilton or similar.


Some guests have suggested that we extend the choice in our menu. We have taking this into consideration and we now have two more choices at our breakfast menu. To avoid any disappointment and too high expectations from our guests (and bad reviews), we have now added our breakfast menu to our website. With that we want give our guests the opportunities to to avoid Ancora Blu if the breakfast menu is not for you.


Just to mention, our cook is open for all suggestions and will do his best to fulfill your wishes. Just tell him the day before. If you have a very special request / needs (e.g. vegetarian), you are welcome to assist the cook. Some guest has done that before.