As we have some request for a room, we have decided to open again 20.05.2020 (most hotels in Ao-Nang is still closed), but this will be with a limited service and staff as follows:

  • Free TuKTuk will not be available but the front desk can order a TukTuk on your own expenses.

  • Breakfast will not be available, but the front desk can order takeaway for you from various restaurants in Ao-Nang (now most restaurants only sell takeaway). This will be on your own expenses.

  • You can still order motorbikes / cars from the front desk.

  • Tour is a? as many tour operators has closed but ask the front desk.

  • The front desk service will only be available from 8AM to 10PM.


Please also note, that the front door will be closed from 10PM due to the imposed curfew.


Above will of course be reflected in our room rates (lower prices).


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding in this difficult Covid-19 times.



Hotel management